All brands are different and unique in their own right and so should the PR activity. Every brand is dealt with on an individual basis and treated with expertise, creativity and a bespoke communications plan. 

PR is all about looking for the story that will bring a brand’s messages to life. Creating those stories with clients to engage consumers and shape brands is a prime focus.

The clue is in the ‘R’ of PR. Relation(ship)s! 
Introducing and connecting brands to the right audience comes as standard practice for every client. 

Designing and producing press and influencer events no matter how big or small the client budget, is always such an exhilarating experience.

Services can include:

• Press Office Management
• Media/Influencer Relations
•  Product, Profile and Brand Placement
•  Event Management
•  Photoshoot Management
•  New Product Launches/Mail-outs
•  Seasonal Projects
•  Influencer / Brand Collaborations
•  Influencer Marketing
•  Social Media Management
•  London Fashion Week
•  Award Entries
•  Copywriting
•  Strategy & Creative Thinking 
• Crisis Management